Living in Harrisburg, SD

Harrisburg is a suburb of Sioux Falls with a population of approximately 4,000 residents. The city began when the railraod was built through Lincoln County and the mail was brought to the Johnson Harris Homestead. Johnson Harris decided to name the post office Harrisburg, after himself. In 1890, the town of Harrisburg was established, named after the post office. The city has a rich history, stemming from the western expansion of the United States. Legend has it that the old bank building was robbed by the infamous bandit John Dillinger. There is still a bullet hole in the teller counter today, although it cannot be confirmed who shot the actual gun.

Harrisburg has 5 public elementary schools (Liberty, Freedom, Journey, Explorer, and Endeavor), 2 public middle schools (North and South), and one public high school (Harrisburg High School). The high school recently got a new sports complex and stadium, as well as new soccer fields and tennis courts.

If you prefer living in a smaller suburban neighborhood close to a larger city, look no further than Harrisburg, South Dakota. Located right outside of Sioux Falls, Harrisburg offers the small town charm while remaning close to the amenities that a larger city offers. Let us help you find your next home in Harrisburg today!

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